As you have probably heard by now, one of our very own Romilly pupils was involved in a road traffic accident last week. The pupil involved suffered various injuries including a broken leg. 

Although we at Romilly promote road safety regularly as a school, due to this serious incident we feel it is of paramount importance to reaffirm the principles of road safety and how vital  it is to always be aware of your surroundings and to follow the 'Green Cross Code'* which explains how to cross a road safely. 

All of the pupils have been issued with a 'Tales of the Road' booklet to read at home which gives guidance and advice on how to navigate roads safely.  

Below are a few useful websites which include video clips and further information on road safety (all presented in a child friendly manner). Please urge your child to watch these clips and make use of the booklet so that we can hopefully avoid a repeat of the awful accident that occurred last week. 

* The Green Cross Code is explained within the 'Tales of the Road' booklet.


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