Romilly Friendship Week is officially here! From Monday 17th until Friday 21st November, Romilly Primary will be promoting the importance of friendship and being a 'good friend' to one another. Each year group has planned a variety of exciting friendship-themed activities for the children to enjoy and benefit from. 

School Council have taken a central role in creating our official 'Romilly Friendship Values'  by carrying out surveys to find out what our pupils themselves look for in a friend. The qualities that were most important to the children were -

 1. A good friend should be kind and helpful;

2. Happy and fun;

3. Honest;

4. A good sharer;

5. A good listener.

These values are now displayed on posters around the school and in every classroom. Also, don't forget to check out our Twitter page to see the exciting things going on during 'Friendship Week' for yourselves!