Dear  Parents/ Carers,

During harvest we collected food for The Foodbank and your contributions were very much appreciated.  The volunteers from the Foodbank told us that at certain times of the year they run out of food.  We thought we could change that and try and make a difference.

Charity Crew have introduced Food Bank Friday.  We are asking for donations of non-perishable foods.  Such as:

·        Pasta,  Rice, Sugar, T-bags / coffee, Tins of food (including pet food),  Mash potato

Please don’t bring in any food that could go off and ensure it has no nuts.  All of the food will be given to the Food Bank, who will give them to people who need it.

We will be collecting the donations on the last Friday of every month.  Every child that brings in something will be awarded house points.  The box will be situated outside the office.

This is a Charity Crew project and we are very proud to help.

Many Thanks

Charity Crew and Mrs. Hopkins