Sensational Swimming!

From the 3rd March, all Year 5 pupils will be having daily 1 hour swimming sessions at Barry Leisure Centre. The sessions will be taught by qualified instructors who assess the childrens swimming abilities in the first session and then group them accordingly. We know your children will love this experience and will gain much from the tuition they receive!


The children will need to have with them each day-

  • Swim-suit/ swimming trunks

  • A towel

  • £1 coin for the lockers in the changing room (which they get back when they retrieve their things)

  • Swimming goggles (not essential but recommended)

  • Swimming cap (for girls only). Again this is not essential but recommended.

For these 3 weeks they are also allowed to bring to school a sugary  snack to help give them a bit of extra energy when they return to school! For example, a Mars Bar etc...