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Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning Menu


Year 3 Home Learning Menu

Take a look at the learning ideas menu below. Pick one at a time that you and your child would like to work on. Take your time to explore this idea and develop it into a mini project with your child. We look forward to seeing your work.




Retell a fairytale or an aesop’s fables to use expressions and remember all the important parts.

Can you add some action?




Read 10 books from

Read with a family member e.g. brother or sister.

Watch a film and read a book, compare the similarities and differences.


Nail your tables, there are lots of websites to help you.

Make a timestable of your day, add times and what you will do during this session.

Design and make card game to practise a skill you find tricky.


Create a sculpture of a building, an animal or object.

Create a song/rap about school.

Make a musical instrument.


The world

Research a country and produce a tourist brochure to promote it.

Identify the wildlife in your garden and create a magazine article about it.


Make a news report about the environment. Give tips how we could protect the environment.



Make a presentation about something you are interested in. What facts would you include?

(Your hobby, a sport, etc)


Look at a Welsh famous artist and have a go at drawing/painting in their style. 


From your 10 books pick your favourite book and write a book blurb and front cover  to encourage others to read it.

Keep a diary of things you have done at home.


Find a recipe and make it.

Can you write the recipe out, using words or pictures to show us how to make it?

Design and make a kite using recycled materials Evaluate how well the materials were and what you could do to improve it for next time.


Make a news report about the environment.

Create a digital vlog of your day that you can show to your family.

Create a comic strip about an interest you have.


Create a poster or leaflet informing others how to keep bodies and minds healthy.

Create your own HIIT workout or a circuit that you can teach to your family.

Go to cosmic yoga and have family yoga time.


Draw a picture of a house or school in the future. Label the picture to explain the details.

What gadgets would you invent?



Create a new board game and teach your family the rules.
Design and make your own sweet treat to share with your family.


Complete a random act of kindness to a family member.


Write a letter or a note to a loved one include an inspirational quote.

Life skill

Learn to master a skill that you have struggled with:

Eg, tying a shoelace, telling the time, using a knife and fork






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