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Curriculum Links

The future of our planet is wholly important and absolutely relevant to our curriculum. We have been involved in lessons relating to Fairtrade, carbon reduction and the use of wind farms and healthy foods in our work on Global Gourmet. 

The Eco-crew are looking for donations of fruit trees as we are looking to develop an orchard.

The aim is to link to the outdoor learning to Donaldson's suggestions to encourage more experience based learning. 

We plan to create a natural habitat for birds and insects to thrive, this would also have the added benefit of providing shade during the hotter months.

When the trees produce their fruits such as apples and elderflower we aim to be enterprising (another Donaldson suggestion) and sell the harvested crops.

We will sell make and sell jams, juices, cordials, face scrubs and healthy snacks and we will put the profit back into our school grounds!