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Our Action Plan

The Eco-crew have been busy in their quest to reduce the general waste generated by our school.

Our target is to cut our plastic waste in half. In order to achieve this goal we have:

  • stopped buying miniature milk bottles (for Reception, years 1 & 2)
  • bought washable and re-usable cups 
  • stopped using "single use" straws (for Reception, years 1 & 2) 
  • held pupil-led assemblies on the problem of plastic in our oceans
  • written and uploaded a rap to raise awareness of the issue.
  • monitored and calculated that Romilly School will save:
  • 270 bottles & straws everyday! 
  • 1,350 bottles & straws a week!
  • 52,650 bottles & straws a school year!
  • (approx 17,500 bags of plastic p/a)