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Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning Menu


Year 2 Home Learning Menu

Take a look at the learning ideas menu below. Pick one at a time that you and your child would like to work on. Take your time to explore this idea and develop it into a mini project with your child. We look forward to seeing your work.



Read at least 10 books from


Retell a fairytale, try to use expressions and remember all the important parts.

Can you add some action?




Twinkl have temporarily made their website free for teachers and parent to access resources.  They have a range of activities including maths worksheets, reading comprehensions and creative tasks. You will need to create a parent account and use this offer code to gain access.

To sign-up please use the link -

 Sign-up using the offer code - UKTWINKLHELPS



From your 10 books pick your favourite book and write a book blurb to encourage others to read it.


Write and illustrate your own short story, make sure you have exciting characters, a problem and a solution. Design the front cover and make sure its eye catching so that people want to read it.


Find a recipe and make it.

Can you write the recipe out, using words or pictures to show us how to make it?


Nail your 2, 5, & 10 tables, there are lots of websites to help you.


Use Sumdog to sharpen your maths skills.


Make your own shop and use coins to practise buying items and giving change.




Look at the artwork of Susie Grindey, particularly the pictures of Barry. Can you recreate a picture in her style.


Create a song/rap about school.




Make a news report about the environment.


Tweet us to tell us what you have been up to on our Year 2 account. Remember to send us lots of lovely photographs.



Create a poster telling everyone why it’s important to stay hydrated. Remember our Astronaut urine experiment.


Do some exercise, you could try cosmic kids yoga, Just dance kids, Joe Wickes (found on YouTube) or BBC Supermovers.


The world


Research a country and produce a tourist brochure to promote it. Remember the leaflet we created about Barry for St David’s day. Use your persuasive language!



Create a poster for when the warmer weather comes for Barry Island. Remind people to keep the beach clean and take their litter home with them!



Draw a picture of a house or school in the future. Label the picture to explain the details.

What gadgets would you invent?




Create a dinosaur top trumps game.  you will need to research; height, weight and top speed and give them a ferocity score out of 10.  Remember you can watch Andy’s prehistoric adventure on CBBC to help.






Make a presentation about something you are interested in. What facts would you include?

(Your hobby, a sport, etc)






Research a famous welsh person. Can you write ten facts about them.




Complete a random act of kindness diary. Write down the things you have been doing to help other people.

Life skill


Learn to master a skill that you have struggled with:

Eg, tying a shoelace, telling the time, using a knife and fork






























































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