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Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher  


Miss K. Williams  


Acting Deputy Head teacher 


Miss N. Williams 

Curriculum Lead  

Foundation Learning Lead  


Acting Assistant Head teachers 


Mrs L. Durrant  

Teaching and Learning  

Professional Development 


Mrs D. Lee  



Safeguarding Team 


Staff member  

Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Miss N Williams (Acting Deputy head teacher)  

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Miss K. Williams (Head teacher)  

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs L Durrant (Acting Assistant Head) 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs D Lee (Acting Assistant Head)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Miss R Gould  (Middle Level Leader) 

Middle management  



Mrs K Walters  

Year 3-6 (Upper School) Lead, Mathematical Development lead and Transition co-ordinator 

Mrs R Faulkner

Foundation Learning (Lower School) Lead and Literacy, Language and Communication Lead

Miss R Gould  

Vulnerable Learners Lead 

Mrs J Thomas

Welsh Language and Culture Lead

Class Teachers  


Miss R Morris  

Ms A Carney 


Miss G Richards 

Miss G Binding  

Ms P Murray / Mrs S Hughes  

Year 1 

Mrs R McAleer/Mrs Smith

Miss B Parsons 

Miss E Cheetham  

Year 2 

Mrs R Faulkner  

Miss K Rees Davies 

Mrs S Hopkins 

Year 3 

Mrs E Hutchinson

Miss N Moseley  

Mr B Chick 

Year 4 

Mrs K Macpherson  

Mrs C King  

Mrs D Davies / Mrs A Patterson 

Year 5 

Mr J Bushell  

Mrs J Thomas 

Miss D Williams 

Year 6 

Mrs V Cho 

Miss L Harrington 

Mrs K Walters 


Mrs D Lee   

PPA Staff 

Mrs D Dobbs 

Mrs S Hughes  

Mrs D Howell 


Learning Support Assistants  

M. Crouch  

A Dobbinson  

M. Bland  

S Linton


H Linton  

G Dodd  

C Strongman  


E Bourne 


J Davies  


V Atkins  

S Ochwat  

H Svendson  


K Figueres  

C Gilbert 

C Lane  

C Richards  

T Harrington  

H Germon  

J Jones  

N Evans  

A White  

A Sargent  

G Oxenham  

R Walford 

S Williams  

Administration team/Site management  

Business Manager 

Admin officer  

Admin officer 

Ms M Owen  

Mrs J Tobin 

Mrs A Parker  

Site Manager: Mr M Coombs