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Additional Learning Needs including Provisions for Able Children

It can be said that every child is special and unique. Every child is an individual with particular strengths, abilities and needs. Some children will require extra help, in order to cope with specific learning difficulties.

Our special needs teacher (ALNCO) is available to co-ordinate the special needs provision in the school and to assist individual children. The special needs support teacher also meets with parents and explains how they can assist their children at home.

We recognise how vitally important parental involvement is.

Able children are also targeted to take part in special projects.

For independent advice and support  with Additional Learning Needs visit SNAP Cymru by following this link:

We have dedicated Learning Support Assistants who work with pupils to ensure that their needs are fully catered for.

A member of staff has the responsibility of co-ordinating the provision for able children.

Able children are challenged in class through the differentiated activities provided for them, and on a regular basis with special projects.