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Anti Bullying Policy

Learning Together Growing Together - Dysgu a Thyfu gyda’n Gilydd
November 2021 explanatory note to accompany Anti-Bullying Policy
This note accompanies the policy at the request of the Governing Body.
In line with the recommendation of the Central South Consortium to adopt this policy and procedure, the Governing Body has done so, recognising that the School has not yet carried out the consultation set out within it.
At the time of adopting the policy, the School finds itself in the unusual position of having an Acting Headteacher, with a new permanent Headteacher due to take up post in 2022. As such, consultation is not currently reasonably practicable. The view of the Governing Body is that the policy is so important it ought to be adopted nevertheless but with the expectation that the consultation set out within it takes place prior to the policy being reviewed in November 2022, and with the intention that the information that comes from the consultation will feed into that review.