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Local Parental Support


Did you know that children/young people who are involved with Children’s Services (Care & Support, Child Protection, Looked After, Child Health & Disability and Care Leavers) have a right to an Advocate if they feel need help to get something stoppedstarted or changed?

Who are Advocates?
An Advocate ensures a child/young person's voice is heard, championing the child/young person's wishes and views, and ensuring those wishes are acted upon by the adults in a child and young person's life.


What kinds of issues can an Advocate help with?

An Advocate will be led by the child/young person with whatever issue is of concern to them. Examples of the types of things we can help with are:

• Living arrangements

• Seeing family and/or other people who are important in the child/young person’s life

• Support them at their meetings

• Education

• Leaving care

• Support with making a complaint

• Getting legal advice and representation

How can children and young people get an Advocate

Children/young people can contact NYAS directly to ask for an Advocate.

Call the NYAS helpline on:

0808 808 1001

Or email:

Parents, guardians, foster carers and professionals can also refer children/young people on their behalf to the Advocacy Service with their consent. There is no referral criteria - only that the child/young person is open to Children’s Services.

To refer a child/young person to the Advocacy Service, click the button below.

Advocacy Referral

To find out more about the Advocacy Service, see the NYAS leaflet.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give NYAS a call on 0808 808 1001.

Alternatively, you can contact:

Francesca Bell, Project Coordinator – Vale of Glamorgan, at