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'At Romilly Nursery, we aim to provide a happy, safe and secure environment that enables our children to reach their potential whilst learning to work and play together.'



Our Vision for Romilly School

We will deliver outstanding:


for all children in our care. 

Useful information

Our Staff

  • Miss Gould- Class Teacher (Teaching and Learning Responsibility)
  • Ms Carney- Class Teacher
  • Miss Linton- Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs Dodd- Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs Crouch- Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs Dobbinson- Learning Support Assistant

Contact information

  • Address: Romilly Primary School, Romilly Road, Barry, CF62 6LF
  • Phone number: 01446 736934
  • Email address:
  • Nursery Twitter: @romillypsnurs

Nursery times

Morning session:

  • Children should arrive between 8.45am and 8.55am and be collected at 11.25am.

Afternoon session:

  • Children should arrive between 12.40pm and 12.50pm and be collected at 3.20pm.

We ask that an adult who is known to us collects your child. If for any reason someone unknown to us is collecting your child, we would ask that you notify us either in person, by phone or in writing.

We ask all parents to provide us with a 'password' in order to ensure that the arrangements are as secure as possible. We never allow children to leave nursery with a stranger.

If you are unavoidably delayed, nursery staff will stay with your child but we urge you to make every effort to be on time as it can be distressing for your child to see all the other children being collected and they are still waiting. Regular and punctual attendance will help your child to settle into nursery and set good habits for the future.

Please let us know by phone or in writing if your child is absent from nursery for whatever reason.

Welcome to Romilly Nursery

Croeso i Ysgol Feithrin Romilly

At Romilly Nursery, as throughout the school, we respect all members of our community with children viewing diversity in ability, background and culture as a positive, enriching experience. We aim to provide a happy, safe and secure environment that enables our children to reach their full potential whilst learning to work and play together.

The children experience the curriculum through structured play activities, which are planned by the Early Years staff using both the inside and outside classrooms. Parents are viewed as first teachers and we would like your involvement and commitment to continue in their learning.

Sometimes children will be taught individually and at other times they will be taught in small or larger groups. We aim to keep you fully up to date with your child's progress while they are with us in Nursery. Records of your child’s progress will be kept and shared with you during parent consultation meetings in the Autumn and Spring term and in an end of year report. If you wish to talk about your child's progress at any point in the year you are invited to make an appointment with your child's class teacher outside of teaching times.

Children in the Nursery are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities following on from their interests and discoveries. We strongly believe that children learn by doing and therefore give the children opportunities to gain first hand experiences through play and lots of practical activities. These activities take place in both the indoor and outdoor classroom.

We place great emphasis on developing the children's skills and understanding and encourage them to develop a positive attitude to their learning. We want the children to grow in confidence and independence. The children will be given opportunities to experience, explore and investigate new things to develop as individuals.

We place great importance on using the outdoor environment. The children will explore and investigate the outdoors through welly walks, Forest School activities and will play in the outdoor classroom every day. Outdoors the children feel free to explore, investigate and make sense of the world around them. They can feel the change in the weather, discover the natural world and develop their physical strength in unrestricted space.

By providing your child with an appropriate holistic, flexible curriculum, we aim to:-

  • Cater for individual needs
  • Enhance positive attitudes towards learning 
  • Address developing needs 
  • Enable them to become lifelong learners 
  • Help them to develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, culturally, spiritually and morally.

Across the year the children will be engrossed in a range of themes and topics. We will be plan activities with the children across the six areas of learning and experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environment.

  • Health and Well-being
  • Language, Literacy and Communication
  • Mathematical and Numeracy
  • Science and Technology
  • Humanities
  • Expressive Arts
  • This will help them on their journey to become:
  • Ambitious, capable learners
  • Healthy, confident individuals
  • Enterprising, creative contributors
  • Ethically, informed citizens.

The Nursery Day






Doors open

8.45 - 8.55

12.40 - 12.50

Register and daily routines

8.55 - 9.10

12.50 - 1.05

Pupils access focused activities, continuous & enhanced provision

9.10 - 10.50

1.05 - 2.45

Group teaching time and milk

10.50 - 11.10

2.45 - 3.05

Story time

11.10 - 11.25

3.05 - 3.20

Home time



Starting Nursery

We recognise that starting Nursery can be a daunting experience for children and parents alike. With this in mind we will offer a ‘Meet the Teacher’ session where both you and your child will be able to visit the Nursery and meet the staff. Following your visit, we will share a transition video with you to help remind you of your visit and help to prepare your child to start Nursery.

Following this visit your child will be allocated either a morning or afternoon place within the Nursery and will be assigned their Nursery teacher.


If your child has any additional learning needs or medical conditions, please contact the school so we can discuss the best ways to support your child prior to them starting.


We expect the odd accident from time to time but please work with your child to ensure they are dry before starting Nursery. Children will be changed should an accident arise and we will encourage and support your child to be able to do this independently. Please make sure your child attends nursery wearing pants.

It is a good idea to make sure that your child is wearing clothes, which allow them to go to the toilet independently. Jumpsuits, trousers with belts, buttons or metal fastenings are not advisable as the children can find these difficult to manage independently. We would suggest joggers or trousers with elasticated waistbands.

Medical information

Please keep us updated with any allergies, intolerances or medications which your child may have.


If your child is unwell, please keep him/her at home for the sake of your child and the health and well-being of other children. If your child is unwell during the session, we will contact you. Please make sure we have your correct details at all times.

Home School Links

We strongly believe that a positive partnership between parents and school will benefit your child. We therefore encourage links between home and Nursery in the following ways:

  • By sending home regular newsletters with information about the what is happening in Nursery
  • By inviting you into Nursery for concerts and special events
  • By running workshops

There are many ways you can help support child's learning in Nursery by:

  • Helping your child to become independent:
    • − Teaching them how to use the toilet and wash their hands on their own − Recognise their belongings
    • − Put their coat on
  • Singing nursery/number rhymes and songs
  • Practise taking turns and sharing
  • Sharing a story with your child
  • Exploring and investigating their environment (e.g. visit the beach or park)
  • Helping your child with home task on the Nursery newsletter

You can help us by

  • Bringing your child to school and collecting them on time.
  • Letting us know if someone different will be collecting your child from Nursery.
  • Letting us know if your personal circumstances change.
  • Dressing your child in practical clothes.
  • Teaching your child how to put their coat on independently.
  • Labelling all of your child's belongings
  • Not allowing your child to bring toys or other belongs to Nursery unless requested by the teacher.
  • Remembering that children should be able to use the toilet without too much help.
  • Allowing your child to come into Nursery on their own. The class teacher and an LSA will be on hand to help them in the cloakroom.

Open Door Policy

We both have something in common: the welfare of your child.

If there is anything worrying you or your child, please do not hesitate to share your concerns with us. We are always here for you and are always happy to talk to you.

We hope your child will be happy and gain many worthwhile and valuable experiences from our Nursery. We look forward to working with you and your child as they start their learning journey.